General terms and conditions

for the usage of this website

The following general terms and conditions apply to all users of this Internet presence (hereinafter referred to as website), which is provided by the Schauenburg Group (hereinafter referred to as service provider).

With the use these are accepted as binding.

1. provision of the website
The service provider makes the website and the associated services available free of charge on a voluntary basis and until further notice. In particular, the user(s) shall not have any legal claim to
the use of the website,
the maintenance of the website and
to the continuation or improvement of the website.

2. discontinuation of the website
The Service Provider may discontinue the Website and the related services at any time at its sole discretion.

3. contents of external providers
If you leave this website, for example by clicking on hyperlinks, and access third-party sites, the service provider is not legally responsible for these or their content. Please then compare their data protection declarations.

4. general disclaimer
The service provider does not assume any liability or claims for damages for information (data and content) provided on the website. Any use of the website is exclusively at the user’s own risk.