HDD recycling plants

Our compact HDD recycling plants in container-format are characterized by their high solid output and their durable design suitable for construction sites.

These plants are available in 5 standard sizes for feed rates ranging from 1000 l/min to 4000 l/min.


recycling capacity: 1000l/min to 4000l/min in 5 sizes


  • high mobility
  • low transport costs
  • low space requirement on construction sites
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • excellent accessibility for operation and maintenance


  • long service life and low wear due to the use of high-quality wear protection materials
  • high-quality materials such as Linatex® natural rubber minimize sill life and spare parts costs


  • two cyclone stages connected in sequence
  • 1. cyclone stage 6 inch (150mm)
  • 2nd cyclone stage 3 inch (75mm)
  • optimal separation cut guarantees very low sand fraction in the recycled slurry
  • use of cyclones with vacuum controlled MAB underflow pockets allows optimization of separation peformance during operation

Screening machine

  • double deck design
  • large screening surfaces support optimum dewatering of solids and thus the separation result for the finest soils


  • control cabinet with SPS control
  • optional: touch panel for operation, data acquisition and remote monitoring systems

Comprehensive options

plants up to the capacity of 1250l/ min are:

  • alternatively as roll-off container plants,
  • as combined recycling- and mixing plants


  • mixing systems 1500l/min and 3000l/min
  • tank systems 20ft and 40ft
  • integrated transfer pumps with optional frequency control

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HDD recycling plants

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Division Manager Construction Separation

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Area Manager Asia-Pacific