Schauenburg MAB offers complete service solutions for all phases of your project. These include analysis, development of process and plant engineering solutions in rough and detailed engineering, support during installation and commissioning, and training of your operating personnel. Maintenance contracts, fully automatic control of the plants and, if desired, long-term supervision during the operation of the plants are also part of our services.
In all phases, you benefit from the decades of experience, know-how and innovative strength of our process engineers, designers and service technicians.
We will be pleased to submit you an offer for a solution tailored exactly to your needs.

On site maintenance

A continuously reliable function of our plants is of crucial importance. Therefore, our maintenance technicians accompany Schauenburg MAB plants worldwide and support our customers during maintenance.
Our plants are very durable and reliable. Low downtimes and high customer satisfaction are decisive arguments for choosing a Schauenburg MAB plant. Should problems nevertheless occur, our maintenance technicians are available worldwide at short notice.

Instruction & Training

Our plants are designed to be user-friendly, so that the customer’s personnel can operate these plants safely after a short instruction by our technicians.
Our long experience shows us that renewed training after a certain period of time can additionally increase the effectiveness of the plant operation. Therefore, in addition to regular instruction, we also offer follow-up training by our technicians.
Please contact us to determine the scope of such training.

Commissioning and installation support

Our experienced technicians manage and supervise the proper installation of the equipment on site. The commissioning, the precise setting of all parameters and the training of the staff are further services that are crucial for the function of the plant.
Modern plants can no longer do without automated control and data acquisition. We offer our customers complete automation. The operators are familiarized with the control system in an intensive training course. If desired, the plant can also be monitored and controlled remotely by us.

Technical laboratory = test execution

Nowadays, projects are being planned in ever greater detail and complexity. In particular, in order to be able to accurately assess the economic efficiency of the investments over the entire service life of the plants and to reduce possible risks, which affect, among other things, the process engineering or the operation, to a minimum.
The technology center is a special feature of Schauenburg MAB’s range of services and an important component in the process from customer inquiry to commissioning and after-sales service. It offers the customer the opportunity to be closely involved in the preparation, execution and evaluation.
In the course of process development and adaptation of the plant technology to the materials to be processed, material samples as well as new ideas for processing can be tested. Tests can be carried out with plant components such as screens, hydrocyclones, various upstream classifiers, attrition cells, washing drums, spiral separators, filter presses, centrifuges and other equipment. Entire processes can be evaluated in terms of process technology by interconnecting the individual components accordingly.
The Schauenburg MAB pilot plant thus provides our customers with maximum security for process stability. In addition, forecasts regarding the economic efficiency of the planned plants or components can be made even before the purchase decision is made.
After completion of the tests in the technology center, the customers receive a detailed test report and, after consultation, a corresponding plant offer.

Mineralogical analysis

We analyze the mineralogy of your project in our laboratory or with mobile testing equipment on site. Since the geology can vary considerably even within narrowly defined areas, a sufficient number of representative samples is crucial as a basis for concept development.
The geological analysis is the basis for an individual solution, which may also take into account existing components. Based on the analysis and the recommended configuration, computer simulation is used to calculate the throughputs and separation cuts and to design a concept.

Rough engineering

Rough engineering is an important basis for the subsequent detailed engineering. The aim here is to define a basic preparation scheme with the individual machines and equipment in close coordination with the customer.
A simplified model and a rough process description provide an initial impression of the project and form the basis for the layout plan.

Detail engineering of large-scale plants

With the detailed engineering, we achieve the exact specification of the previously performed rough engineering. A detailed process diagram as well as a list of devices and machines and a 3-D model based on it concretize the project plan.
For a better assessment of the project status, Schauenburg MAB offers a virtual reality application and provides the customer with a set of hardware and software.
Engineers and process technicians of our worldwide customers can thus meet with our engineers in a virtual plant model from their office, walk through it together and discuss development statuses.
The plant design can be checked and optimized in terms of layout, walkability of the plant and accessibility of components for maintenance and repair. This creates the possibility of close coordination and cooperation in the engineering phase, as well as eliminating the need for travel.
Another major advantage is that a safety expert from the customer or a certification body can check the final status of the design in terms of occupational safety during the virtual walk-through. Safety-relevant dimensions can be displayed and checked directly on the virtual plant and revised if necessary.
In this way, the risk of additional time and costs for possible rework on the manufactured and assembled plant can be reduced to a minimum for the customer.