Separation plants for tunneling

Individual process solutions

When excavating tunnels, tunnel boring machines are required that can operate in a wide spectrum of different soils. When using tunnel boring machines with mud conveyance, a conscientious design of the slurry treatment system is the basis for the technically, economically and ecologically successful realization of tunnel construction with differing challenges.

The task of the slurry treatment is to separate the slurry from solid components such as gravel, sand, clay and loam and to subsequently return this prepared slurry with the required rheological properties to the conveying circuit. Optimal separation and dewatering technology minimizes disposal costs, thus increasing profitability while reducing environmental impact.

For the development and production of turnkey solutions for the treatment of concrete slurries, our process engineers can rely on a wealth of experience and data from over 35 years.

Modular design

  • all tunnel separation plants are modular in design and can be adapted to different tasks by adding, removing or replacing individual modules
  • modules with screening and cyclone technology can be combined to form a tailor-made system
  • project-related configurations of treatment capacities from 500 m³/h up to 4000 m³/h
  • two cyclone stages ensure an optimum separation cut, especially in soils with a large proportion of fine particles
  • special cyclones with vacuum-controlled MAB underflow pockets and large dewatering screen surfaces guarantee a low water content in the separated solids


  • modules are available in 30 ft and 40 ft container design
  • high mobility
  • low transport costs
  • low space requirement on construction sites
  • fast assembly and disassembly
  • good accessibility of individual parts for operation and maintenance
  • optional availability of integrated noise protection to reduce acoustic emissions


  • durability and low wear due to the use of high-quality wear protection materials
  • high quality design minimizes downtime and spare parts costs
  • Schauenburg MAB plants have been in operation sometimes for more than 17 years

Complete system solutions

  • coordinated systems including bentonite mixing plants, conveyor belts, storage tanks, transfer pumps centrifuges or chamber filter presses.

Easy operation and monitoring

  • a central master control system and an optional laboratory ensure easy control and monitoring of the plant

Automated partial solutions

  • our fully automated partial solutions range from automatic measurement of rheological rinsing properties to the operation of centrifuge units.

Data Management

  • data exchange with the TBM
  • data recording, storing and analysis of relevant process data
  • provision of data on stationary devices on the construction site as well as on mobile devices

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Separation plants for tunneling

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