Linatex® wear protection material

Linatex® wear protection material is available in various designs, e.g.:

  • LINATEX Standard: Against wet wear (flushing/sliding wear).
  • LINATEX HM: Optimized for the belting industry
  • LINARD 60: Against wet/impact wear
  • LINARD HDS: Against dry and impact wear
  • LINAGARD NBR (LINATRILE): Against wet wear, oil/grease resistant
  • LINAGARD FG (LINAPLUS FG-L): Against wet wear, FDA approval

Application areas

  • linings against noise, wear or corrosion
  • coatings for containers, pumps, cyclones, pipelines, vibrating conveyors
  • coatings for toothed, flat or v-belts, conveyor belts
  • wipers, suction lips, side guide rubbers, sleeves

Available as

  • sheet material, approx. 1,230 x 9,250 mm
  • individual cutting (strips, seals, sleeves)
  • in different material thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 25 mm

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Linatex® wear protection material

Ingo Heidtmann

Sales LINATEX / Elastomer Technology