RACCOON Centrifuges

Based on many years of experience, Raccoon centrifuges have been specifically configured for mud processing applications in HDD, microtunneling, diaphragm wall construction as well as tunneling and wastewater slurries.

Features of RACCOON centrifuges

  • solids output: 3 to 25 t/h
  • feed rate: 10 to 100 m³/h
  • fully automatic operation
  • standard configurations available from “Basic” (BC) to “Fully Mounted” (FM)

Advantages of using RACCOON centrifuges

  • fewer changes of process water
  • increased productivity
  • high torque hydraulic drive improves dewatering
  • improved water purification reduces water consumption
  • reduced waste and disposal costs due to fine particle treatment

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RACCOON Centrifuges

Norman Perten

Division Manager Construction Separation

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Area Manager Asia-Pacific

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Regional Sales Manager